How to Build An Email List for Free In 5 Steps

In this article, we will explore the strategy through which you can build an email list completely for free. In order to understand how you can build an email list completely for free, you need to understand what a funnel is. A funnel is a process that your potential customer goes through.


The first step of the funnel is the “Lead Magnet”.

The Lead Magnet is something of value that you offer to your potential customers to get their attention and especially email address. This is the first and most important step in building a relationship with your target customer. We say this is the most important step in the funnel process because if you give your potential customers a bad lead magnet, you will just not get their trust and interest in your products or services.

It’s very important to offer a valuable lead magnet that will get you trust from your potential customers and that will make you an authority figure in answering their inquiries and meeting their needs. The next step in this process is “The Tripwire”.

This is a product that usually costs no more than 47$ but it should be as cheap as possible so that you can get the results you’re using it for. A Tripwire is an irresistible offer that you’re going to give your potential customers to lead them to take action and basically to buy from you. So in this context, we offer them something of really good value that’s more valuable than the lead magnet.

For example, if you offer them a lead magnet about how to write Facebook ads, you can make your tripwire a video tutorial that shows and explains how they can set up their first campaign even if they don’t have any experience in Facebook marketing. So this video example is of high value because it will lead them to reach their potential audience step by step.

You can be creative about your tripwire. For example, if you want to add more value to the video we took as an example, you can give them a checklist or a PDF guide or give them access to a private Facebook group that will help them. The main requirement for a tripwire to be good is that it has to offer way more value than it costs. Here, you don’t just want to sell one single time, you want your target customers to trust you and be on your list to receive content and buy from you constantly. A good tripwire will make that easier as customers will trust you more for offering them a good lead magnet and a better tripwire.

The third step of the funnel is the “Core Offer” and it’s all about the main product that you’re trying to sell to your potential customers.

It can be one single course product or a group of products but it’s the main product you aim at selling. Of course, you can’t approach someone who doesn’t know you at all to buy a 500$ course from you so you want your customers to get to know you and establish trust between you and them and that’s what the lead magnet and tripwire are for. Let make it more simple, imagine you’re walking down the street and someone offers you to buy a 500$ phone. You don’t know this person so automatically you will not trust and it’s highly likely that you wouldn’t even consider buying from them at that very high price. Now imagine if this same person offers you a battery to use on your phone for free.

Most batteries die so quickly and if the battery this stranger offers you performs well then you will start to trust them. Let’s say this person is using our steps and in his tripwire, he will offer a good-quality charger and headphones for 7$. That’s an irresistible offer so you probably will trust this person and buy from them. Then, when this person tries to sell you a 500$ phone, they will have more chance at selling their core product as they had gained your trust through the lead magnet battery and the tripwire charger/headphones.

The forth step is  “ Profit Maximaizer ”.

Now this step is very simple, lets say that your core offer was an online Facebook ads course for $497. When someone purchased that product from you you can offer them other products that are related to the problem that he tried to solve. So in this example your customer bought a product about Facebook ads, you can offer him a swipe file of Facebook ads for $47, or you can offer him a service where you build ads for him. Or, you can even offer them other products that solve getting traffic problem for example: a course about YouTube ads / Bing ads / Google Adwords.

The fifth step in our funnel process is the “Traffic Source”.

You need to drive traffic to your landing page. First, let me explain what a landing page is. A landing page is a web page that you make for one important purpose and that’s to lead your potential customers to submit their emails. You want their email so that it becomes easier for you to contact them and to make your list. You create a lead magnet then you create a landing page that will contain what you’re offering.

If you don’t know how to create a landing page, you can check my blog. I wrote an article and made a video to explain how you can create a landing page the right way and I also give a checklist that you can use when you build your landing page. This step is important because it’s the one that will bring customers to your landing page. You can get traffic through Facebook, YouTube, Bing, Google, and all social media platforms. When you get this traffic on your landing page and your potential customers start submitting their email, you can start your funnel process. When they sign in for your lead magnet, you thank them and say that what you offer them will be in their inbox soon and with that, you offer them your tripwire.

When customers buy your tripwire, that’s not the income you want to make. Instead, we use that money to invest back in the traffic so that you can make your list of email subscribers bigger and bigger without spending any money. The tripwire does not only help you build your list; it will also serve in covering your traffic expenses. The tripwire income isn’t for you, it for the traffic generation. The income that is for you is the money that you make selling your core offer.

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