How to Find a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing?


Many people start online projects like blogs and YouTube channels to generate income and to develop passive income mechanisms that will allow them to do what they enjoy doing and get paid for it. There are many ways through which anyone can make money online and affiliate marketing is one of the most famous among these ways. For those of you who don’t know exactly what Affiliate Marketing is; it is a performance-based kind of marketing where brands and businesses give specific commissions to affiliates for their marketing efforts and for each sale performed by a consumer that found the brand due to the affiliate’s efforts.

Many people start blogs, websites, and YouTube channels to work in this specific area and with the right strategies and steps, it can be very fruitful and lead to a lot of success. In this article, I’m going to show you how to choose a solid and profitable niche before starting to work in affiliate marketing. Of course, if you’re not a huge fan of reading, you can always check my YouTube video on this topic.

There are 2 major phases that lead to the selection of a profitable niche; the first step is brainstorming while the second step is validation. Briefly, in step 1 you just think about the different topics and things you feel comfortable talking about and you think that they can generate high traffic. In step 2, you start your research about your chosen niche and check if it actually generates traffic and therefore generates income.

The first step is brainstorming. Before you decide which niche you’re going to work on, there are few important questions you need to answer. The first question is about your passion/ passions. You need to think of the one thing or few things you can’t stop talking about. You need to determine the topics that you feel comfortable, and love, working and talking about.

The second question is related to the first as it tackles the value that you will bring to your audience through your chosen niche. You should always keep in mind that people will choose your work mainly for the value you bring to them and not for your passion about the niche. Of course, it’s really great if you’re comfortable with the topic you’re speaking or writing about but still, you have to deliver some value to your audience.

A value that will make them trust you and come back to hear or read more from you. You shouldn’t make it all about the selling, you should invest in what you’re offering your audience because if your content isn’t good enough, you won’t build an audience and therefore you will not sell.

The second step is validation so after you choose your niche, you need to make sure that it will lead to good sales if you work on it well enough. So you need to figure out whether people are spending money in that niche or not and if there are high ticket products that you can sell. Let me explain this; you can’t keep targeting sales in the 20$ – 90$ range, eventually, you will need to start aiming at selling products in the 200$ – 1000$ range. Make sure your niche has that kind of products in affiliate marketing.

The more products and different prices you have available in your niche; the more chance you have to generate income through affiliate marketing. The final question you need to answer in the validation process is whether people are likely to buy many products in the same niche or not. You should not choose a niche with limited options in the products you can offer your audience.

This means that you don’t want your audience to just buy one product and never get anything from you again. Instead, you want them to find many and many different kinds of products they want to get from you so that they keep buying and you keep generating income. Of course, all of this will depend on your niche so make sure you choose a niche that will make you comfortable in your affiliate marketing efforts. In your niche validation process, you should check Clickbank > Marketplace and search for products in your niche that have high gravity.

High gravity means that a lot of affiliates are promoting that product and by promoting it, it’s highly likely that you’re going to sell. That’s because with higher the gravity, the more customers are buying and the more demand the product is receiving.

You can also go on JVZoo > Affiliate > Find Products and look for products in your niche that sold more than 500 copies. 250 is also good but 500 copies or more means that there is a really high demand for the product on the market.

  • The Big 3


If you spent a lot of time thinking but couldn’t find the niche that matched with the requirements we mentioned, let’s try to help you by exploring the 3 major niches; wealth, health & fitness, and love & romance. These are general and broad niches and under them, we can find a lot of other sub-niches as you can see in this picture:

If you can’t find a niche that you’re passionate about, go for the big 3. Select a general niche then choose a sub-niche and start making so research to learn more about it and figure out how you can use it effectively in your affiliate marketing efforts. When you do that, start thinking about your ideal customer and who is more likely to buy products in your chosen niche. For example, let’s say you chose the paid service niche.

That’s a sub niche under the make money online niche. Think about the ideal customer that will buy products that will help them make money. The paid service niche is basically when you offer services and get paid for them online. So who can be an ideal customer in this niche? Maybe a stay at home mom that has just given birth and that will not leave her house for some time so she starts looking for ways that will get her an extra 1000$ or 2000$. She can be a great ideal customer for you.

Then when you learn more about your ideal customer, you need to search for products that will help them. Search for a wide range of products that can help your ideal customer. Look for the products and make sure that they are good-quality products that will be liked by your target audience and customers. You should do that so that you don’t promote bad products that will affect your credibility and make your audience trust you less.

After you select the products you will offer your ideal customers, structure them from low ticket to high ticket. As soon as you build your list and get some customers, you don’t want to start offering them expensive products right away. You need to start with low ticket products and as soon as you build a bigger audience and you become trusted by them, you can start targeting the high ticket products. Always remember that it’s a one step at a time process as you walk your way up.

The final and most important step is that you need to take MASSIVE action. Don’t just read this article and walk away, start thinking about your niche and sub-niche and start doing all the steps that we talked about here because the people who make the most money are the people who take action.

That’s it, I tried my best to make my article precise, concise, and straight to the point. I don’t like long texts with no value at all so I do my best to keep my strategies and recommendations to you brief and of value.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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