Jvzoo Acadmy [review]

Today I’m doing a quick & honest review of a new training called JVZoo Academy


Hey guys it’s Kobi

And today I decided to do a quick & honest review of a new training called JVZoo Academy.
JVZoo academy is a complete blueprint that shows
how to go from $0 to 7-figures online each year.

Now JVZoo academy is broken down like this:

Initially they wanted to launch the entire product at a $197, but they figured that people won't buy
the product at this high price. So they broke down the product like this:

The front - end product is " The Strategy " - $27


The strategy - you can guess by the name, basically covers the entire process the the TOP marketer over JVZoo
have been following to earn 7-figures per year online.

On this product your getting really short-to the point videos that tells you the strategy in a nutshell,Also you'll be getting
5 interviews with the top online marketers who share their experience and journey how they became successful.
The main product here are your Kickstarter Guides
that you can download and read them whenever and where ever your want.

This entire product is just $27, HOWEVER
If you really want to get an in-deph step by step training that will show you EXACTLY what you need to do
to make 7 figures online per year, you need to consider the first OTO.

OTO 1 is the JVZOO Academy Mastery - $67 / month.

It's broken down to 4 categories:

Fundamentals,Business Foundations, Launch Formula, Affiliate Masterclass

Fundamentals - In this section you'll learn:
– The basics of getting started with JVZoo:
– Becoming a seller on JVZoo
– Becoming an affiliate on JVZoo
– Road map to Success over JVZoo ( this one is VERY important )
And much more…
Business Foundations – In this section you’ll learn:
– How to creat an online business
– Product creation ( the #1 step to make money online )
– Legal terms
– Outsourcing work
And much more..
Launch Formula - In this section you'll learn: 

- What is a Product Launch ( and why you need to do product launches )
- What to expect from your first launch
- Funnel creation
- Recturing & approving JVS ( affiliates )
And much more..

Affiliate Masterclass - In this section you'll learn:

– Emai marketing
– How to write your emails ( in a way that will make your subscribers buy the products that you recommend )
– When to email your subscribers
– Finding & creating winning promotions ( finding good products that will help your subscribes )
And much more..

This is the tip of the iceberg, JVZoo academy is a really, step by step training 
that every newbie can follow to become a 7-Figure online marketer.

It documents the EXACT process that all of the 7-Figure marketers
are following to generate a lot of money each and every year.

On each lesson you'll see a video and a description about the lesson:

Another thing that you get on JVZoo academy mastery is 20 interviews with top marketers.
In each interview the marketers share their experience and how they built their business and how
they become top marketers.

The interviews really help you to know from what mistakes you need to avoid and
how to become a successful online marketer.

In a nutshell, this is what you get in the " Mastery " package:

  • Proprietary JVZoo Academy Page Builder Software: create ANY web page in minutes from over 50 top converting templates and a powerful drag and drop editor
  • Unlimited PREMIUM hosting (saving users hundreds or more each year)
  • Over-the-shoulder video training, cheat sheets & case studies show how to apply EACH method of the system
  • 20 strategy interviews with top JVZoo marketers and MORE added each month
  • Private community forum and FB group access
  • 24/7 LIVE support
  • Regular content and software updates included
So if you are really looking for a complete STEP BY STEP blueprint that you can follow
so you can finally make a lot of money online, you really need to consider picking up
" JVZoo Academy Mastery " package.

OTO-2: JVZoo Academy MEMBERSHIP Site Upgrade – $47 / month or $197 / year
With this software you can create membership sites for ongoing income with ALL the bells & whistles:
  • Fully-protected membership sites
  • Large selection of stunning member’s areas to choose from
  • Opportunity for users to create recurring income streams
OTO-3 : 60 Day Masterclass – $197

The 60 day plan is a daily set of steps that keeps EVERYONE on track with the program.
It keeps you focused so you can easily complete the small actions that lead to big results.
Ideal for beginners and anyone struggling to take action.
  • Step by step, DAILY action plans delivered straight to their inbox
  • Including video training and action plans they can follow to achieve their goals in about an hour each day
  • Breaks up the entire online earning method into “bite-sized” chunks, eliminating info overload and getting them results FAST

If you really want to make money online I highly recommend you to pick up ” The Mastery ” Package ( oto 1 )

If you are struggling to take action – maybe you need to take the 60 day masterclass.

If there is 1 product that will teach you how to make 7 – figures online: It’s the JVZoo Mastery Package.

If you’ll decide to pickup ” The JVZoo Mastery ” Package I want to give you a special bonus:

1 on 1 coaching call with me ( for 30 minutes ) on Skype where I will answer all the questions that you have about

internet marketing and I’ll be there for you when you’ll take your first steps.

I’m here to help you.

  • This is only if you bought The Mastery package (FE+ OTO 1 )

Once you’ll do that, send me your receipt ID and I’ll sceduale a coaching call with you.

So click here and pickup JVZoo academy right now >> Click here

Thank you and have a GREAT day,


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