Brett’s Circle [review] – A PROVEN step by step method for making money online!
Hey guys it's Kobi
And today I'm doing a quick review of a new product: Brett's Circle.

What's exactly Brett's Circle?

Brett's Circle is a proven step by step blueprint  for making money online
that was created by Brett Rutecky - a 7 figure/year online marketer, my mentor and a great person.

Now before I'll start talking about the product I want to talk about the sales page.
The thing that I really liked about the sales page is that there are no MASSIVE BS headlines such as:

How you can make $1000/day while you sleep, there is no hype at all.
Brett just tells you exactly what are you going to get on this training, 
why do you need follow this training if you want to make money online, some 
income proof, testimonials and that pretty much it.
Now let's break the training down and explain everything:

So the entire blueprint is broken down to 5 main categoreys:

Core Concepts, What they don't want you to know, Checklist / review, Ongoing Training, Facebook group.

Now let's break down everything:

1. Core Concepts:

Now a big misconception that I hear is that people think
that product launching and affiliate marketing don’t work together
ell actually affiliate marketing & product launching go hand in hand.

You see, the process it pretty much like this:

  1. You launch a product
  2. You sell it
  3. You build a BUYERS email list
  4. You promote products to your subscribers as an affiliate marketer
So as you can see affiliate marketing & product launching go hand in hand and it's not surprising that
every successful marketer does both of these things:

He sells his own products and then he promote other products to his buyers list, and on the core concepts section
Brett explains in a very simple and easy to understand way - how you can do
product launching & affiliate marketing.
The thing that I really liked about the training is that there is no theory BS videos
, no fluff just pure actionable content and by pure actionable content 
I mean that at the end of each video you know exactly what you need to do.

Everything is broken down step-by-step so you know exactly 
what are the steps that you need to do to make money online.

2. What they don't want you to know:

So in this section there are 2 videos:

5 Myths in IM: Brett talks about the 5 common myths that are in the IM world 
and he tells you that truth that other marketers won't.

Reasons People Fail: Oh boy, starting an online business can be really difficult and frustrating.
In this video Brett shares 9 reason why people that want to make money online are failing, 
if you tried to make money online you probably did one of those mistakes.

3. Checklist / Review - So here Brett summarizes the entire method that is 

learned on the Core Concepts section and he simply writes the steps 

that you need to do to make money online.

Affiliate marketing - 7 steps
Product Launching - 10 steps

4. Ongoing Product - Here you'll see a bonus training video that explains
how you can build an email list for FREE.

5. Facebook Group - Brett gives a full lifetime access to his PRIVATE Facebook group
where you can find like minded people and where Brett will always be there to 
answer your questions and share support for youduring every step of your way.

I think that it's really important because when people try to make money online they often
feel alone because there is no one out there to support them and I really think that
when you are in part of a community of like minded people that want to make money online
it will be easier for you to do that and also it's really great that you can ask questions and 
get answers directly from Brett.

What I like about it and what I don't like about it:

I like that fact that the training videos are short, easy to understand and that there is no fluff or BS.
Brett explains everything in a clear way that you can understand 
and can easily implement the strategies that he teaches.

What I don't like about it is that 
there is no video that teaches you how you can mail your email list
I mean how you can write good emails that people 
will open and click on the links that are inside the email.

Now I decided to give you a special bonus:
You see, in order to make money with affiliate marketing 
you need to sell other people products and you usually get 50% of the money
So I decided that I want to help you:
When you'll pickup Brett's Circle though the button below 
I will give a " Seller Access " To Traffic Domination.

Traffic domination is a complete step by step course that teaches 
people how to get targeted leads & quality traffic from Facebook.

With the seller access you can sell my product 
AS YOUR OWN product and get 100% of the money!

Everything is done for you:
the sales page is ready, training videos have been recorded 
and the members area has been created.

Now lets to a quick recap of what you'll get today:

*Detailed step by step video training on how to get started from the ground up 
with affiliate marketing so you can finally start to make money! ( A $97 value )

*The top things the "gurus" dont want you to know! ( A $67 value! )

*Full lifetime access to Brett's Facebook group, 
where he will personally answer your questions so you won't get stuck! ( A $497 value! )

* Seller access for " Traffic Domination " - Sell my product AS YOUR OWN and make 100% of the money!

* You are completely protected with 100% money back guarantee so that you risk NOTHING.

So you're probably asking yourself: What's the catch?
Well there is no catch & no up-sells.

Now, look. Before we go any further it is important for me to be 100 percent honest and up front with you.
If you are looking for that magic push button thing that will make you money then Brett's Circle isn't for you.
However, Brett's Circle is only for people that are ready to follow a proven step by step system to make money online.
If you'll go over to you'll see that the price is $97.
However, right now you can get immediate access to this training at a one time investment of just $27.
So basically you get a $60 discount from the original price.

So if you want to make money online I highly recommend you to get your copy of Brett's Circle right now.

Click here and get Brett's Circle with my special bonus & $60 discount 

If you have any questions let me know and I'll be happy to help you.


Just a quick note about the reviews on this site:
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A proven step by step blueprint for making money online that was created by Brett Rutecky - a 7 figure/year online marketer, my mentor and a great person.
  • No fluff no BS
  • Straight to the point
  • Created by a person that " walk the talk "
  • Don't Like:
  • None really, just take action.
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