The #1 reason you are not making money with Affiliate Marketing

So… are your ready to know what is the #1 reason that you are not making enough money with affiliate marketing ?
You see, I think that you have the same problem that I had when I started.
Let me explain:

When I first came into the affiliate marketing world my main goal was to make money online.
I wanted to make at least $10,000/month from online marketing.

So I looked for products that I can sell the would generate me a lot of money,
I created a website and I started to build my email list.

So lets fast forward 2 months:

After 2 months I made the amount of money that I couldn’t even dream…

I made: $0

Pretty hurts to work so hard and earning $0, do you agree?

But then I realized the #1 thing that kept me from making money online

One of the things that I realized is:

The amount of money you’ll make, is based on the amount of people you’ll help.

As an affiliate marketer and an online business owner, my main goal was to generate money.

So I mainly focused about myself,
I asked myself: How can I make more money?

Now this is a very important lesson that you need to learn:

When you focus about yourself – you won’t make any money.

You need to ask yourself the following question:
How can I  help others?
When your main focus is to help other people to solve their problems,

suddenly it becomes much easier to make more money as an affiliate marketer 
because you’ll be more focused to find products
that will help your audience to solve their problems.

So think about it, how can YOU help your potential customers?

Before we’ll close up this email
I just want to tell you that knowing how you can help your potential customers is just one step,
the more important step is…..

I can guarantee you won’t know the answer.
We’ll talk about it tommorrow, that’s enought for today 🙂 .

Kobi “ The mysterious guy “ Topaz

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